GoLabs Top 5 Camping Spots in the United States

Camping season is coming up. Golab's wants to help you plan your next trip. Today we are going to list our Top 5 favorite camping spots/parks around the United States. These will include national parks, smalltown gems, and so much more. Wherever you end up going be sure to stay connected with GoLabs Powerstations.

5. Shenandoah National Park

Over 300sq miles of lush Virginian landscape dotted with thousands of wonderful trees, a rather famous river, and mountain range. One of our particular favorites of this park is the Skyline Drive. A 105-mile scenic trip through some picturesque environments, be sure your camera has a full battery. While there are plenty of country roads to travel, there is even more to do in and around the park. Civil War Battlefields and caverns to explore will fill up a weekend trip without issue. 

4. Lory State Park

Local to GoLabs and just a short drive from Denver. Lory State Park is dotted with ponds, a lake or two, and 26 miles of trails filled with mountain views and the Colorado Front Range. Our favorite trail is the one up to Arthur's Rock. Slightly over 3 miles round trip. The view at the end is truly worth it. The top will rarely have more than 5 people or more at the top. Allowing for a peaceful and relaxing view, be sure to bring a book and take in the mountain air. 

3. Punderson State Park

Located in Northeast Ohio. Plotted in one of its 88 counties centered around Punderson Lake. Fishing, boating, golfing and more will fill up most of your time. The historical lodge within the grounds is even said to be haunted, so be on the lookout for any ghosts around your campsite. If you want to stop by the park in the wintertime, be sure to time your trip around a fresh snowfall for the large sledding hill the park features. If it gets cold enough, you can even walk on the ice when lake freezes over. 

2. The Garden of the Gods

A place doesn't get called the Garden of the Gods for nothing. Iconic rock fixtures that stand out like the backbone of a dinosaur, not to mention the actual dinosaur that was found within the park. Rock climbing and bouldering take center stage at this park. We recommend having a guide and the necessary equipment before ascending any rock face. The Rocky Mountains are directly in front of you and the landscape is breathtaking. Don't forget to pack sunscreen. Colorado is at an increased elevation, so sunscreen and extra water are musts.

1. Yellowstone National Park

The one and only. A cliche #1 pick. Over 3,000sq miles and 3 million visitors every year. Hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, mountains, and more. Yellowstone is like stepping into a nature documentary. For a park this size we recommend taking a 4-day weekend or more to explore everything it has to offer. While Old Faithful is one of the world-famous trademarks of the park our favorite feature is the Firestone River. Heated by the natural hot springs run-off the river gets warm enough in the summertime to be swimmable although it will be a tad chilly. 

Whether you visit one or all of these parks be sure to clean up your campsite or anywhere you travel in the park. We don't want the environment or wildlife to be harmed by something a camper left behind. Plan your trip, enjoy your visit and don't forget to take plenty of pictures!