Why You Need a Powerstation

You're on your camping trip. You've been planning it all winter, just waiting for the snow to melt. You start to snap a few photos and then your phone is dead. The only way to charge it is leaving your car running or going to the Ranger's Office to borrow an outlet. 

Now you don't have to. GoLabs Powerstations are here to keep you connected by charging anything, anywhere. Our R-Series of Powerstations are perfect for quick weekend getaways and week-long expeditions into a national park. Our powerstations are made with LiFePO4 batteries capable of over 2000 cycles or 10 years of use so you will be able to get a full charge for years to come. 

Create your own clean, green energy when you combine a powersation with one of our SF Solar Panels to create a Solar Generator. Our solar panels come in 60w and 100w variants. Both models fold into an easy to carry pack and include multiple adapters for all of your charging needs. When you purchase one of our powerstations you get an automatic 20% discount on one of our solar panels. Be sure to grab yours today!

GoLabs is here to keep your devices charged wherever you end up going on your outdoor adventures. Stay connected. Power everything.